Once you’ve planned the all-important bridal shower, it’s time to send out the invitations to those who will be present and will make the event more fun and meaningful for the bride. Bridal shower invitations are essential in letting the guests know the crucial details needed, such as the theme or motif, things to bring, and of course date and time.

bridal shower invitations

There are many ways you can make creative bridal shower invitations. However, it should contain important information about the event such as the following:

  • The full name of the bride
  • Bridal shower date, time and location
  • Name and number for RSVP
  • Deadline for RSVP

This information on the bridal shower invitation will allow the organizer to confirm attendants and plan the event more effectively. You will also want to include other aspects of the event to the bridal shower invitation, including:

  • Bridal registry for gifts
  • Bridal shower theme, if any
  • Host’s name

In case you are planning a surprise, indicate this in the bridal shower invitations as well as the bride’s expected time of arrival so that it is clear to everyone what time they need to be present.

On the other hand, if you are making your own bridal shower invitations due to constrained budgets, there are several things you can do to still come up with pretty-looking invitations:

  • Your local bookstore or stationery shop will have a range of colored and pretty paper varieties. This can be used to make simple bridal shower invitations without the need for envelopes. You may also want to check for rubber stamps and small lovely stickers for sealing each invitation.
  • If you are working with special paper for the bridal shower invitation, simple handwritten invitations are also great. It will cost much less than printing several, but will also need more time to complete. Do this with other organizers of the shower to save time and make for a great girl-bonding activity.
  • You can print out some bridal shower invitation templates from your computer and simply fill in the rest of the information. This will make things quicker and more efficient.
  • If you are printing them yourself on simple white paper, choose colorful and scented envelopes to add more spice to your bridal shower invitation.
  • For creative organizers, feel free to inject some humor into the invitations by coming up with funny poems to use in the invitations. You can even use song lyrics to help you with the wording and get everyone started with the fun ahead of time.

You may also want to get everyone to send you an email notification indicated on the invitation so that everyone is kept on the loop for any changes made in the plans. For example, you decide that a new game will be played during the bridal shower that will need each person to bring personal items; email announcements are an easy way to get hold of everyone.



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