Bridal ShowerWant to give a surprise party for your friend or relative who is the bride-to-be?

Don’t think that much, bridal shower is the perfect one to surprise your friend.

The bridal shower is a pre-wedding party given for a bride before her wedding.

Usually, bridal showers are given by the bride’s maid or close friends of the bride. There is no rule on who is to host the shower. The party can be scheduled during the times which are suitable for the bride and also hostess.

Usually, this occasion takes place several months or couple of weeks before the wedding day. The planning for bridal shower takes considerable effort.

Most often these functions are organized as surprise parties. These parties give an opportunity for friends and family to show their support for the new couple.

In order to ease the organization of bridal shower, here are some helpful tips.

  • First and most important thing is to be imaginative and unique. Don’t forget to include the bride’s personality and style into the shower.
  • Then select the shower type. You will have various types of showers to organize.
  • Select the proper location to organize the party. The shower can be extremely official to casual. You will find various locations like restaurant, beach, home, or a place to begin the bachelorette party.
  • Select the right theme that represents the spirit of the event and captures the personality of the bride and also the guests.
  • While planning for the bridal shower, the most important thing that you need to consider is the date. The date you have chosen for bridal shower must be flexible for all the guests.
  • Inform all the guests about the occasion and also where it is going to take place. Ensure that the date must not conflict with the holidays or any other special events that would restrict the guests from attending the party.
  • Set your budget as early as possible while planning the bridal shower.
  • Invite all the guests to the bridal shower who will also be invited to the wedding occasion. Everyone who is invited to the shower will definitely expect an invitation to the wedding also. So, don’t make the mistakes while inviting the guests. It is better to ask the bride about the guest list.
  • The guests who attend the party will bring the gifts for the bride-to-be. Make sure that these gifts are opened by the bride in the party only.
  • In this occasion favors are the very important factor to be considered. The most popular bridal showers favor include personalized chocolates, bath gels, well-decorated candles, manicure sets, etc. For example, for a beach bridal shower, the most popular shower favors include seashell candles, dolphin wine stoppers, etc.
  • Finally, organize the event and have the fun time together with your friends and family.

The bridal shower can be a relaxing and fun occasion for the bride-to-be prior to her wedding.




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