Arranging your best friend’s last weekend of freedom can be a stressful affair. You have the responsibility resting on your shoulders for the enjoyment of all who are attending. Do not take this lightly. Prepare well and a truly memorable weekend can be yours.

A guaranteed way to be sure that everyone has a ball is to bring the party to Bristol. With a massive range of great places to stay, a plethora of fine, hen-friendly pubs, bars and eateries as well as some very entertaining activities to suit all tastes, you’ll be sure to keep your hen party fully entertained.

If you are making the weekend of it and ready to begin the proceedings on a Friday, the Grosvenor Casino in Bristol is a great place to start the night. You may even get lucky and win yourself some extra money for the long weekend ahead! If you are feeling peckish, why not discover some of the restaurants and bars along the quayside in Bristol Docks – there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the offerings that this Jewel in the West Country crown has to offer.

Hen Weekends in BristolAccommodation

It can be tricky, trying to find a place to stay with a large group, so here are some of the hen friendly hotels to try.

  • Holiday inn Bristol City Centre is great for shopping and close to all the bars, restaurants and clubs.
  • Brooks guest house, where you will be treated to Prosecco on arrival as well as the welcome sight of a beautiful courtyard garden
  • The Clifton Hotel, Berkeley Square Hotel, Rodney Hotel and the Washington Hotel are all situated in the Clifton area of Bristol, close to the amenities of Park St and Whiteladies Rd.


 With its cosmopolitan and varied style, Bristol will not disappoint when it comes to day and nighttime activities. Whether you are looking to dance the nights away in a nightclub or an evening being pampered in a spa like The Relaxation Centre you are sure to find something to suit all tastes. Here are some great ideas for filling your weekend with fun and frivolity.

  • Spa day or evening being pampered
  • Cocktail-making lessons
  • Chocolate-making lessons
  • Cheerleading dance class
  • Pole dancing classes
  • Champagne treasure hunt
  • Casino
  • Restaurant
  • Nightclubbing

Finally, Always be sure to organise the weekend well in advance to avoid disappointment and additionally, give your group a wide selection of choices and greater flexibility with your days. See which weekends suit most people and book accordingly. You can never please everyone and you’ll find that a minority may have to postpone other plans or miss out. A minimum of 2 months pre-planning is recommended.

If you are not all traveling together make everyone knows each other’s plans, so they are able to contact each other to organise travelling in groups. Try starting an email chain with everybody’s addresses and get everyone chatting before the big weekend. Try to collect all of the costs for each group member in advance (especially accommodation and activity costs). You’ll be hard pressed to collect it all on a Sunday morning after the event!



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