Bridal showers are a much-awaited event before the wedding. Some lucky brides may even get more than one bridal shower arranged for her.

Her friends or cousins usually plan the shower. There is a lot to plan to make the party a success and a theme party can make the work a little easier and very interesting. For this bridal shower decoration ideas need to suit the theme of the party.

Bridal Shower Decoration IdeasOne of the best things is to decide the theme of the bridal shower and move ahead from there. A theme will make it easier to pick out the invitations, tableware, favors and the shower bridal decoration too.

One can choose from the regular themes like princess, risqué, dare devil, kisses and anything else that suits the fancy. One can also choose from particular themes depending on some of the bride’s favorite things or simply match the ideas for bridal shower decorations to the wedding theme.

The bridal shower decoration ideas will start falling into place once the theme is decided. One can opt for cute themes like retro, Gone with the Wind, disco or even the bride’s favorite cartoon character from childhood.

Some ideas for bridal shower decorations include balloons, ribbons, yards of satin or similar fabric, lace and plenty of other things to match the theme. Before choosing a risqué theme, go through the guest list and confirm that none of the guests will make the bride feel embarrassed about it. A family member from the older generation could be one of them.

If the bridal shower will be thrown close to a holiday, one can easily opt for the holiday theme to throw a successful bridal shower. Halloween will need a spooky theme and Fourth of July will call for plenty of red and blue. A bridal shower around Christmas would do well with green, red and white. The bridal shower decoration ideas will naturally have to follow the theme.

A normal or theme free party will need plenty of bridal shower decorations too. One can never go wrong with bridal shower decoration ideas in colors like pink, white, silver and even blue. Do remember to create a special seating for the Bride to make her feel special. The chair may be bigger in size and covered with satin or other chosen fabrics.

Decorations can include a piñata filled with a whole lot of loot. The piñata also needs to match the décor and the theme. Even the loot inside the piñata can match the theme. Table drapes and table settings will have to be selected to suit the chosen colors and theme. Party favors too can be a part of the settings and blend into the idea used for bridal shower decoration.

Bridal shower decoration ideas will no doubt include flower arrangements or in the case of some themes bouquet arrangements that go with the theme. A theme like kisses can call for a tiny bunches of kisses arranged in vases as centerpieces or even a large kiss bouquet to make the entire area interesting. The right decorations will take the bridal shower to new heights.



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