bridal shower partyA bridal shower is whereby a bride to be and her female friends and relatives, get together before the wedding and she is given gifts to take into her married life.

It’s not only the gifts, but it’s practically the last time she is going to enjoy with her girls with no husband to run to.

There are so many ways you can put together a bridal shower party, just follow your interests and you will hit the nail right where it belongs.

During the bridal shower, you have the option of taking your bridesmaids and entourage to the spa. Relax and have a good time with the girls before you say your vows.

Enjoy the soothing music in the spa. Ever tried Acupuncture? The relief you feel after acupunture treatment is tremendous. You and your bridesmaids will be treated to massages, manicures, pedicures and facials. It’s all part of the spa menu.

You may opt for a beach party or pool party for your bridal shower. This does not necessary have to be at the beach or by the pool. Canoes, umbrellas, beach balls, surf boards or pool toys maybe used as indoor decor to create the same atmosphere.

The idea is to enjoy yourself and get a few tips from the already married women so make sure you invite then to your bridal shower. There is no need to make yours formal and boring, it has to be more than just talking and eating.

Finger dishes such as platters along with cocktails or soft drinks will be ideal for your menu.  Bridal shower Invitations may be printed on colorful paper.

You can also consider hosting a kitchen shower instead. Your guests will have to bring along with them kitchen related gifts. Instead of hiring caterers, you might as well get together and cook for yourselves.

It’s an opportunity to learn from others something new in the kitchen. You don’t have to stick to a specific menu but choose something that will not take the whole day. You need to set aside time for that girl talk! This is one of the cheapest bridal showers that you can do.

After all is said and done, your bridal shower should just be a highlight of the last days that mark your spinsterhood.

So make the most of it and learn all you can from those that have passed that stage. Then you can say “ I do” knowing you are finally ready to let go of the single life.



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