There are a lot of brides that are hosting a tea party or luncheon for their bridesmaids, in order to show them their gratitude and thank them for the bridal shower and wedding preparations. This get-together is also an opportunity for the brides to give their bridesmaids gifts and share stories and get to know each other better.

You only have to follow a few basic steps so you can have a nice celebration.

When to organize the tea party? Usually, the luncheon must be held one or two days before the wedding, sometimes even on the wedding day.

Bridal Tea Party

This is the perfect timing, especially for the bridesmaids that are coming from a long distance and which are in town for a few days. Also, this is the perfect opportunity to remove the bride’s stress through a relaxing meal.

Before setting the time, think about whether you will be hysterical or not when the wedding day comes, because it’s not advised to hold the tea party if you’re nervous.

The guests list is important. The main list of guests includes the bridesmaids, the maid of honor and the flower girl. However, there are some brides that invite their mothers, grandmothers and other females from their family.

Sending invitations is not necessarily, unless you want to hold a formal event. While repaying your bridesmaids for their work, don’t forget that this is a bittersweet occasion, because it’s like a farewell.

The location of the luncheon must be perfect. If everyone is staying at the same hotel, then the hotel’s dining room is the perfect place for your tea party, providing an elegant setting. You can also choose a place that has a special meaning for all, like a favorite tea salon, country club or your mom’s basement.

Another option would be going outdoors for a picnic at the beach, or a party in the park.

What style works best? Most brides opt for a traditional seated luncheon or tea, with fine china, white linens, dresses with flower pattern, French manicure and others. Don’t forget that the main point is to relax, so don’t worry about the details.

You don’t have to hold a formal tea party, if you rather prefer a casual style. Keep it simple and tell everyone what your goal is, so they can dress properly.

What about the menu? If the event takes place on the afternoon, think about having a light menu. Another reason for having a light menu is that most people won’t eat because they will be nervous about the wedding and you don’t want them to be bloated on your special day.

There are traditional treats for tea parties, like mini pastries, finger sandwiches or mints, but you can also add fruits, salads or sushi. If the luncheon is days before the wedding, the menu shall include food that your friends love, but don’t think much about the food, because the party is about enjoying each other’s company.

Gifts for the maids are something you should be careful about. You can place the gifts for your bridesmaids at their place setting, or you can give them any way you want. Even if you have 2 or 10 bridesmaids, take your time to write each of them a note, or give them personalized gifts.



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