One of the most important events in case of a wedding, besides the wedding itself is the bridal shower, and if you are preparing for yours, you might be looking for bridal shower party favors.

Satin boxes as favors for bridal shower party

These little boxes are really elegant and the best thing about them is that they come in six different colors, so you can choose the one that matches the theme of the party. Also you can use them in case you would like to offer the guests chocolate, cookies  or other smaller favors.

Bridal Shower Party Favors


In case you are considering offering fans as favors for bridal shower party, you may consider those made of sandalwood, because these have a special scent.

If you don’t like the scent of these fans, there are many other kinds as well that you could choose from.

Manicure set

This is one of the best bridal shower party favors. Is there any woman that wouldn’t need something of the sort? There are many styles to choose from, including the ones with the damask design, and also those that come in a special packaging.

You can find sets that come in a purse shaped package that is pink and has polka dots.

Flip flops

If you would like to offer the guests useful favors for bridal shower party, you should consider personalized flip flops. You can find these in different colors, and also in different sizes. In the majority of the cases, the companies offering these flip flops also offer the embroidery without additional costs.


Another one of the ideas for bridal shower party favors is considered to be the canvas tote bag. These come in different colors, and just as in the previous case you can personalize them, but this could cost you extra. On the other hand the advantage is that the majority of the bags are heavy duty and you can find them in many different colors.

Luggage tag

In case you know that the women attending the party like to keep up with fashion, you could offer them a luggage tag in the shape of a shoe as favors for bridal shower party. This is the must have accessory for every true fashionista.

Hot cocoa

This isn’t one of the traditional bridal shower party favors, but for sure your guests would like to get some personalized hot cocoa. Can you imagine something sweeter?

Bath salt

Just as any other item that has been mentioned as favors for bridal shower party, this can also be personalized. The advantage of the bath salt stick is that you can be sure that the guests will love them.

When you are looking for bridal shower party favors you should consider all the things that you would like to get if you attended a party of this kind. Also you could ask the guests before the wedding about what ideas they might have. Naturally you should do so only in a subtle way to make the gifts a surprise.



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