A second marriage is not at all an unusual thing in the modern world and thus it is also not necessary that one cannot have all those usual traditional parties of the bridal shower. Moreover the things depend on the mental state of the bride and the bridesmaid.

If you see the other side of the coin, it is better to have a non-traditional shower for the second marriage. Such bridal shower should focus more on socializing with the near and dear ones. Below given are few ways to make the bridal shower a memorable one:

bridal shower ideas for second marriage


Entertaining the bride can be a perfect shower for second marriage. It can be any form of entertainment. You can plan out an outing for the bride-to-be and the guests for the shower. A day trip to watch a theatre and then a casual chit chat at a restaurant can do wonders. A day out or night of laughter with friends can relax the mind of the bride who might be apprehensive about the second marriage.

Garden Shower

Since it is her second marriage, the bride may have all the basic things needed for starting a new house. If this is the situation, a garden shower can be a perfect plan. This bridal garden shower is sure to give a new look to the place where the bride- to –be is about to settle down. The guests can bring things related to gardening for the bride and help in beautifying the couple’s garden. Even a craft activity can add fun and frolic to the occasion. Guests along with the bride can decorate the flower pots which can be used to add colour to the couple’s garden.

Spa Shower

If you feel that the bride-to-be is really stressed out by the thought of her second marriage, this is the best bridal shower plan. A relaxed day at the spa with few close friends is sure to take away the stress of the bride. You can invite the close friends who can pitch in for a full spa package for the bride-to-be. You can even call for a spa service at home and pamper the bride and her shower friends in all possible ways. A brunch after a relaxing spa can give an ideal ambience for chit chat.

Potluck Shower

A potluck lunch or dinner can be a great way of celebration for a bride-to be. You can ask the guests of shower to cook unique dishes for the bride and also give the details of the recipe to the bride. The bride can get new meal ideas which she can use for her new husband and also step children. Even the guests can bring in the ingredients and perform the cooking together.

The above ideas with a little bit of innovation can really make the bridal shower a memorable one. Every occasion deserves to be celebrated with all the same enthusiasm and love.

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