A lot of women are looking for bridal shower favors ideas because this is a very good way to show their appreciation towards all those people who have attended their bridal shower. But what to be looking for as favors?

When being on a budget and looking for favor ideas for bridal shower it isn’t necessary to be looking for very expensive items as favors. You don’t have to be thinking big. In many cases it is enough to find some nice scented candles because almost every person appreciates the power of aromatherapy.

Bridal Shower Favors IdeasOn the other hand in case of the bridal shower favors ideas you should know that there might be some people that are allergic to scents, and so they may not be thrilled to get such a gift.

Another idea that you could go for is to offer the guests a notebook with a special pen. Also you could opt for a journal. In the first page you could write a more special message to make sure that the guests will never forget your bridal shower.

Edible gifts

If you are looking for those bridal shower favors ideas that the guests could eat, then consider the cookies and cupcakes. You can buy the dough from the store and cut it into shapes that are suitable for the theme of the bridal shower.

According to this you could have cakes, gowns, rings, tuxedos, and even umbrellas. Also you have the possibility to decorate the cakes according to the wedding theme.


When looking for bridal shower favors ideas you should think about other more or less practical gifts that the guests would enjoy, such as statues, fans or magnets. If you could make the favors yourself, you can go for just any items you would like.

In case of the bridal shower favor ideas it is useful to consider offering the favors at the end of the shower, when the guests are preparing to leave, so that they won’t have to carry them around throughout the entire shower.

Be practical

In many cases the guests get favors that they like, but they can’t actually use. To avoid such situations, you should be looking for favor ideas for bridal shower that the guests could use. A very good idea is to get a manicure set that has the shape of a purse. In the majority of the cases you’ll find these items in pink color with polka dots.

Another one of the bridal shower favors ideas is to offer items that the guests can use in the kitchen. As an example consider shapes to cut out dough, whisk, or anything else that would be suitable for the theme of the shower.

You might have found some favor ideas for bridal shower until now that you like, but before you make a decision, you should consider several different options because in many cases it is the favors that make the shower memorable.

Find the cutest bridal shower favors ideas possible and your guests will treasure the memory of this fun pre wedding event.



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