Bridal shower favors are an absolute proper way to return the favor and gift your guests with something special and personal. In case you are going to present each of your guests with different bridal shower favors, simply go for favors, which resemble most your guests.

diamond ring keychain

For instance, try the Diamond Ring Keychain favor for guests, which like diamonds. In case you know some of your best friends have a weak spot for shoes, gift them “It’s a shoe Thin” set, which contains stylish and funny shoe bottle opener.

handbag shaped purse hook favors

shoe bottle opener

For the fashion lovers among your guests, there are the perfect favors – the Handbag shaped purse hook favors, which are creative way to make them think about what they love most.

mini vanilla heart candle tins

If you are willing to present anyone with the same favors, go for the romantic and traditional favors. Mini Vanilla Heart Candle Tins is a set, which surely will leave good memories from your wedding.

mini wedding bromnie favor pops

Chocolate is also a very popular idea. Go for the Mini Wedding Brownie Favor Pops, which are praised as the best bridal shower favors.

perfect pair

Very stylish decision is also the “The Perfect Pair” set. It contains pear shaped soap favors, which are intimate and delicate gifts for any guest coming at your bridal shower party.



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