Close on the heels of your engagement will come the very important decision of choosing your bridesmaid. This should be done with care, as bridesmaid are going to be your pillars of strength during the wedding. If you choose your bridesmaid without giving it proper thought, you will very likely end up with people who could have started out excited but become less interested as the wedding day nears. Read on to find out how you can choose your bridesmaid with care.

tips to choose the perfect bridesmaidDo not Rush the Decision

Choosing your bridesmaid is an important decision that will require some forethought. Do not try to rush the decision to choose by springing it on your friends, as in the excitement of the engagement you may make a wrong choice and later regret it. Regretting later on will not serve any purpose as once you have asked someone it would be difficult to take back the decision.

Be Considerate about your Friend’s Limitations

You may choose the bridesmaids thinking it is a great choice as they are your friends. But you need to be considerate about your friends’ situation too. If your friend holds a job that makes her stressed out each time she is thinking of taking a leave then it is not such a good idea to request this friend to skip work and become your bridesmaid.

Also asking a friend who is tied down with kids, to become a bridesmaid will be inconsiderate and may stress them out. Rather you should ask these friends to help out with other things at the wedding and ask someone who has time on her hand to become your bridesmaid.

Choose Bridesmaids who you know will get along with Each Other

The bridesmaids you choose might not be on the best of terms and may have a history of a tiff between themselves. It would be in your interest not to choose people as your bridesmaids as the resentment amongst them might create unnecessary confusion. Above all choose someone you know you can rely on.

Do not Choose Bridesmaids Under any kind of Recommendations or Pressure

Just because you attended someone’s marriage does not mean that you would need to reciprocate by making her your bridesmaid. Rather than acting on impulse, think carefully if the person you are choosing will be responsible, supportive and helpful to you during the wedding.



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