Summer means summer garden parties and of course summer bridal showers. All the brides dream at one point or the other in their life about the way their bridal shower would look like and even more about how gorgeous they will look in their bridal shower dress.

What brides should know is that this popular event is most of the times the right way to present a casual sense of style but in the same time leave a lovely impression on the people attending your garden party.

The bridal shower dress should go for either classy or vintage and should be a little bit more than the casual cocktail dress. You can choose colors and flower prints but also you can go for white if you feel like it. A spectacular hat or scarf will add a plus of style to your entire outfit.

For an original touch, you can add to the dress a piece of spectacular jewelry or an original belt.

Do not forget the hairstyle and make up to be the most lovely, soon to be bride.



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