Bachelorette Party, the female counterpart to the male bash, is to celebrate the bride and the grooms’ respective last nights as singletons.

bachelorette partyWhile the movies always seem to portray the bachelorette party as some drunken revel involving a male stripper, it can be a fun night and a memorable one.

  1. If someone other than the bride is organizing the party, make sure that the party includes all the women important to the bride – do some research or ask her whom she would rather have there and whom not to invite.A small but intimate gathering is better than a large number of guests some of whom may not be that well known to the bride.
  2. The aim is for girls to get together, bond and have a great fun time, it doesn’t have to be a very elaborate plan or a lot of money spent. Just some careful planning and thought needs to go into the event.
  3. It could be something as simple as a sleep over. Make sure that all the women who are important to or close to the bride are there – even the bride’s mother perhaps! The girls can take the time to just chill, chat, reminisce over a few glasses of wine and do all the things that girls love to do!
  4. A dinner out at the bride’s favorite restaurant perhaps followed by a night out of town – a few drinks or a nightclub to shake a leg for the last time as a single woman may be something that the bride may really enjoy.
  5. A weekend out of town for the bachelorette party may be an expensive but hugely fun idea – if all the invitees cooperate. Las Vegas is a very popular destination for this purpose and not just for the guys!
  6. Of course one person at least per car does need to stay sober. If this is not possible, hire a cab. Remember to do this so that no untoward occurrence mars the important day for the bride or anyone near and dear to her.
  7. The organizer of the party may want to have a scrapbook that all the guests can sign and offer that to the bride as a keepsake of the day. Also be sure to take lots of pictures, a memorable night such as this one, you don’t want to forget!


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