Weddings are always exciting, especially when you know all your friends and family will be there to support you on your unforgettable day.

In the mean time, while preparations are in play, the bride has the time to spend with her close friends and family. This is usually done through what we call a bridal shower.

This tradition has been practiced through the years as friends and family offers gifts to help in the matrimonial aspect, and the newly weds new home.

To make it a memorable one, the friends and family of the bride and groom are invited and entertained through bridal shower games.

Bridal shower games are extremely popular nowadays and, in effect, help the women get closer to one another. It also promotes the guests to know the bride more through these games.

If you are a close friend or family member to the bride, it may be hard to choose from all the different bridal shower games that can be done.

Take into consideration that the different bridal shower games are also dependent on culture and traditions. It may also be confusing since you would want the bridal shower games to be interesting and memorable at the same time.

Here are some bridal shower games you can play:

1. The memory game

Bridal shower games like this one are interesting play. The guests invited for the shower will have to write in a piece of paper a memory they have together with the bride.

As gifts are being opened by the bride, the corresponding guests will have to read out aloud the memory she has written on the paper. Regardless of it is funny or not, it should be a memory that is well thought of by the guest.

2. Best wedding dress

This game involves creativity and speed from the guests. The guests grouped in a certain number, will have to act as clothes designers and come up with a wedding dress.

The catch is they need to make a wedding dress through the use of toilet paper only. It is an interesting game that promotes teamwork and knowledge of what the brides’ tastes are. The ultimate judge at the end would be the bride herself. The group with the best dress ultimately wins a price.

3. The bring me game

This game is considered to be one of the traditional bridal shower games. Its rules are simple. The organizers of the shower lists down certain items that the guests may have in their purse. It could be a mixture of common items and uncommon items.

A point system has to be established. The game could be done in divided groups or as an individual game. The winning team or individual with the most points at the end of the time wins a prize.

If you are helping in organizing the bridal shower games, one thing to remember is to keep the games simple as possible. Making it hard would make you lose the interest of the other guests. Promote games that would make the friends and family members become close to one another.



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