Bridal shower is a great time for ladies to spend some time together. It gives an opportunity to share special things with each other.

But, sometimes planning a bridal shower can become hard to come up with some great bridal shower ideas.

You can find various themes and different kinds of bridal shower ideas with which you can make the party more memorable. But, it can be hard for identifying where to begin.10 Bridal Shower Ideas to Spice up Your Shower!

Here are some great bridal shower ideas in order to make the perfect bridal shower that will be remembered for some time.

1. Plan for short speech

Planning for a speech is one of the great bridal shower ideas to keep the bridal shower over the top and ensure that it is memorized and talked for several years to come. Keep the speech short, i.e. about 3-4 minutes. Just concentrate on the bride, about her marriage and about your relationship with her and what it means to you.

2. Look for a creative cake

Bridal shower cakes are regularly designed in either theme to match up with the brides wedding colors or occasionally to their favorite hobbies. Getting a creative bridal shower cake is a sweet way to celebrate the party. A beautiful cake will be the centerpiece of bridal shower.

3. Planning fun games

Bridal shower games can offer lot of fun and this becomes as an ice breaker if the ladies don’t know each other. This keeps things moving along and is a wonderful way to facilitate interaction. Find somewhat traditional and out of the ordinary and make your guests to find all the fun.

4. Decorate the party place with wonderful pictures of the couple

Collect the pictures of bride-to-be and her fiancee with the help of her friends and family members. Collect the pictures when they were first together up to the engagement. Decorate them around the room for fun.

5. Place quotes related to wedding around the room

Write the quotes in papers and place them in mini photo frames or fold the paper like a place card. Set the quotes about friendship, love and marriage. Definitely this is going to start a conversation over there.

6. Plan for the perfect bridal shower food

There are some bridal shower ideas for food like finger foods with quick and easy dips, appetizers, and soup recipes. These will be ideal for a great bridal shower. Simple table setup with finger foods is always ideal and it is simple to pull off.

7. Place a wish bowl

Place the glass bowl as wish bowl. Inform your guests to write down their blessings for love and life on small paper slips and put them in the bowel so that the couple-to-be will have wishes and good luck follows them anywhere they go.

8. Put a guest gift

When the guests arrive, tell them to write their names, birthdays, and anniversary dates. The guest whose birthday or anniversary date is closest to the bride will win the gift.

9. Ask your guests to bring roses

Inform each guest to get a rose for the bride-to-be. At last, collect all the roses from all the guests and this makes a beautiful bunch of fresh roses. This definitely reminds the bride about all her friends and family members. Also, this flower bunch can be placed as a beautiful center piece.

10. Bridal shower favors

One thing you need to be very careful about the bridal shower is bridal shower favors. You need to gift the guests who came and make your bridal shower successful.

These bridal shower ideas make your party more memorable for many years to come.

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  1. You have given some great bridal shower ideas. Can’t wait to put them into practice.Thanks!keep up the great posts.


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