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Five wedding colours to light up your mood

5 Wedding Colours to Light up your Mood

Wedding is a colourful event, literally and figuratively. Colours used in a wedding make the ceremony feel more lively and exciting, but there is more to it than just that. Psychologists across the globe have studied the impact of colours in wedding and found that—what is known as colour psychology—colours can give away varied impacts […]

5 Gifts the Wedding Couple will Absolutely Love

5 Gifts the Wedding Couple will Absolutely Love

We often end up rummaging through various magazines and online forums to find out the perfect wedding gift. There are so many ideas available, but not everyone suits the occasion. It, therefore, made us consider this matter and translate our thoughts on it into an informative article. Wedding gifts need not be too showy or […]

Five rules for organizing an open space wedding

5 Rules for Organizing an Open Space Wedding

Outdoor weddings are in vogue these days because of many reasons. Keeping reasons aside, one cannot deny the fact that the organization of an outdoor wedding entails more than a regular, indoor wedding does, and, thus, a lot of things should be kept in mind. For the purpose of this article, we have selected this […]

5 unique wedding traditions across the globe

5 Unique Wedding Traditions Across the Globe

The world is characterized with a myriad of cultures, and each culture has its own distinctive set of customs, traditions, and beliefs. The difference is easily palpable in their various ceremonies and rituals, and here, in this article, we are going to talk something pertinent to this. While the entertainment industry has made the Western […]