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gifting ideas for gay couple wedding

Amazing Gifting Ideas for Gay Couple Wedding

If you are invited to a gay couple wedding and are confused about what to gift them then the first thing that you must remember is that a gay couple is a pair of people who are just like any other people. Thus the gifts don’t really have to be ‘gay’ or focussing upon the […]

offbeat ideas of bridal shower for a friend

Offbeat Ideas of Bridal Shower for a Friend

If your friend is soon going to get married then it is your responsibility to organize a bridal shower for her. But since bridal showers have become very common and popular these days, most of them seem pretty much the same and have no creative angle associated with them. So try and be creative and […]

vaux le vicomte

Most Expensive Wedding Reception Venues in the World

While for most people hosting a wedding in a 4 star or a 5 star hotel is a very expensive affair, there are some super rich people in the world who leave no stone unturned to host multi-million and multi-billion weddings. These individuals do not choose the regular 5 star hotels but go much beyond […]

Tips to plan same sex weddings

Tips and Suggestions to Plan Same Sex Weddings

The manner in which a same sex marriage has to be organized or planned may be a little different from other weddings.  The etiquette, the decorations, the food and even the cake are all different from traditional heterosexual weddings and for anyone who is in charge of the planning, there are many little things to […]

most popular wedding music songs in the world

Most Popular Wedding Music Songs in the World

Any wedding is incomplete without music and some good wedding songs. Music boosts the atmosphere of any wedding and adds a certain zing and flavour to it. Almost every wedding has certain fixed wedding music songs which really get the party started and uplifts the moods of everyone. If you are interested in playing some […]