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summer wedding invitation ideas

Interesting Summer Wedding Invitation Ideas

Summer weddings are always special as not only the sun and brightness add to the overall look and feel of the ceremonies but also enable us to try different decoration styles, food options and venue ideas. Infact, summer weddings also gives us a chance to experiment with different wedding invitation ideas.  If you too are […]

tips to write your own wedding vows

Top 5 Tips to Write your Own Wedding Vows

The wedding day is the most special day for anyone in the world. It is the day when you begin a new journey in life with the one you love. Moreover it is also the day when you have to make promises and make vows for your partner. While a lot of people borrow vows […]

all you need to know about wedding ring vs. engagement ring

All you Need to Know about Wedding Ring vs. Engagement Ring

All of us have heard a lot about terms like engagement rings and wedding rings and often consider them to be the same thing. But in actual, there are many differences between wedding rings and engagement rings.  The differences between wedding rings and engagement rings do not make one better than the other but is […]

fantastic gift ideas for 13th wedding anniversary

Fantastic Gift Ideas for 13th Wedding Anniversary

It is great when a couple completes another year of living together and loving each other.  Anniversaries are happy occasions in every couple’s life and rightfully so. Not only is it a time to celebrate another happy year that passed by but also to start a new one on a happy and positive note. If […]

pros and cons of a backyard wedding

Pros and Cons of a Backyard Wedding

Thinking of organizing a backyard wedding for yourself? Well the thought sure is a unique and interesting one but are backyard weddings always that successful? While it is true that they offer a certain private wedding venue option but at the same time they can be a little limiting in many ways. Before deciding upon […]