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tips to plan camping wedding

5 Tips to Plan Camping Wedding

Wedding is definitely one of the most important occasions in life of all and to make this day even more special and a memorable one you can go for a special theme wedding. For the adventure lovers, camping wedding will surely prove to be an apt choice. A camping themed wedding will enable the guests […]

tips to buy corset wedding dresses

5 Useful Tips to Buy Corset Wedding Dresses

Selecting the perfect wedding gown is definitely one of the biggest tasks of any wedding preparation. Though there are many types and styles of wedding dresses, lots of female these days are opting for corset wedding dresses because of its comfort and flexibility. Though a corset wedding dress looks amazing but to pick up the […]

know about dollar dance

Know about Dollar Dance

Dollar dance, commonly known as Money dance or the apron dance is basically a type of an event done at the wedding receptions. The terms dollar dance is highly controversial because it is nothing but a way to ask for the cash gift from the public at your wedding. This custom was initiated in Poland […]

5 Super Unique tips to Throw a Frugal Wedding

5 Super Unique tips to Throw a Frugal Wedding

I bet you read many useful tips how to throw a cheap and beautiful wedding. But today I gathered five unique ones just for you! These tips are not so commonly knows, but they surely help a lot and save you money big time! Intrigued? Let’s get to this list now and let me prove […]

must have winter wedding accessories

Must have Winter Wedding Accessories

As far as the bridal fashion is concerned, you should be very conscious about your fashion sense when the colder months approach. There are some very fashionable accessories and adornments that help you in elevating your winter wedding outfits. It is said that adding elegant and sophisticated accessories to your dress can take your wedding […]