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online invitation

Why Online Invitation is in Popularity?

The date of the occasion has been set and you possibly have also fixed the menu for the event and booked the caterers. However, the most important thing is yet left to be done and that is sending out invitations to all your guests. There are two options that you can consider – traditional paper […]

ideas for celebrating 10th wedding anniversary

Ideas for Celebrating 10th Wedding Anniversary

The tenth wedding anniversary is always special as it marks a decade of being together and it surely deserves a special celebration. Many couples prefer to have a private celebration and many prefer to celebrate it with a bang through an anniversary party. Whatever way the couples prefer, the day has to be memorable for […]

bridal shower ideas for second marriage

Bridal Shower Ideas for Second Marriage

A second marriage is not at all an unusual thing in the modern world and thus it is also not necessary that one cannot have all those usual traditional parties of the bridal shower. Moreover the things depend on the mental state of the bride and the bridesmaid. If you see the other side of […]

most unusual wedding rituals across the world

The Most Unusual Wedding Rituals Across the World

Wedding is one thing which is common to all societies, but the traditions and rituals vary between countries, cultures, religions and social classes. It is the most universal occasion celebrated by all, but is celebrated in their own unique ways. Each culture makes this special day of one’s life more special with unusual wedding rituals. […]

gift to a tech savvy couple on their wedding

What to Gift to a Tech Savvy Couple on their Wedding

Today’s world is going gaga over technology and it is no exception with the couples getting married. The modern couples are generally tech savvy and is sure to prefer gadgets that are smart and handy over regular gift items, on their wedding day. Wedding gifts are meant to help the couples to start their new […]