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candid wedding photography tips

5 Candid Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding day has to be fun and memorable while also being classy and sophisticated. A lot of planning goes in each and every aspect of the wedding ceremony. One such important element is the wedding memorabilia, that is, the wedding photo- albums/ videos. These are the things that remind one of how good their wedding […]

easter wedding ideas

7 Fun Easter Wedding Ideas

Going with the Easter theme on your special day; but are short of some interesting ideas?  What is a wedding day without some interesting and fun ideas to make the day complete? Well there are many Easter wedding ideas that can add what’s missing, from your wedding plans. They are fun, they are bright and […]

wedding planning apps

Top 5 Wedding Planning Apps

There is lot of hard work and detailing that go into planning a wedding. With all that goes on, it is quite possible that things can turn chaotic and sour in a fraction of seconds. But what if there is help, some sort of technical help that makes organization and management easy-peasy. Well, we are […]

wedding day tips for pregnant brides

Top Five Wedding Day Tips for Pregnant Brides

Pregnancy is a huge and a very important step in any woman’s life, but so is the wedding day. What happens when both these events overlap and leave the bride-to-be/ mommy-to-be in need of a fix (or many fixes). Well, it may seem difficult to be a pregnant bride, but it is not as difficult […]

instrumental wedding songs

Top 7 Instrumental Wedding Songs

The wedding music must be perfect to set the mood and give a good tune to the whole wedding day. There are many classic songs that are listed as perfect wedding songs. There are also multiple themes or genres of music which couples selects as per their own tastes. While some like romantic songs the […]