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ways to save on your wedding flowers

Top Ways to Save on your Wedding Flowers

One of the most important parts of a wedding decoration is wedding flowers. Flowers can make any wedding look absolutely fantastic and alive with life. Without the selection of good flowers, your wedding may lack on an important aspect. But one thing that you need to consider before selecting flowers for your wedding is the […]

rustic wedding theme ideas

Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas

No matter how much the world advances, there are always a few who wish to go back in time and enjoy their wedding day in a more simplistic and rustic setting.  For many, the rustic theme is a way of coming close to their roots, the childhood they spent in the country. While, for some […]

wedding dress for slim bride

Choosing Wedding Dress for Slim Bride: Tips

The wedding day is one of the most special days of a person’s life. A day that you will look back upon, to rejoice.Naturally, everyone wants to look their best on their special day. It is thus necessary to pick out the perfect dress. The wedding dress must fit the theme of your wedding, your […]

wedding shoe game

Interesting Wedding Shoe Game

A shoe game that is played at the wedding by the groom and the bride has gained a lot of popularity all across the United States. The game is very exciting and interesting, not to mention fun. It is extremely easy to play and all the guests are sure to enjoy this unique yet simply […]

tips to select and pick a Mantilla Veil

Top Tips to Select and Pick a Mantilla Veil

A Mantilla Veil is a kind of a veil which adds grace and elegance to the dress or costume of any bride. Traditionally, such veils were made using Blonda lace or Chantilly and had a delicate and graceful appearance. They were made using intricate design and still tend to add a touch of class, sophistication […]