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Romantic Wedding Destinations Around the World

Since marriage is an important part of all people‚Äôs lives, a lot of them choose to marry in the city where they grew up, or a place where their near and dear ones live. But the truly romantic and adventurous at heart often search for exotic locations to tie the knot. The weddings in such […]

tips on how to get free honeymoon upgrades

Top 6 Tips on How to Get Free Honeymoon Upgrades

A couple always have very high desires and dreams associated to honeymoon days and to get the best of everything in an comprehensive package within budget, the best idea would be to stay updated with the honeymoon upgrades. You can reap significant benefits with these package upgrades. It will ensure you will have a luxurious […]

wedding vows and the social media

Wedding Vows and the Social Media

This is the age of social media. But like everything else, it can be a bane or boon. It depends on how you wish to use it! Nowadays, even celebs like Kim Kardashian are restricting the social networking of their guests during the wedding. But this can be difficult too, since it might sound rude […]

how to select your wedding vendor

How to Select your Wedding Vendor

Arranging a wedding is quite a task, especially if it is you who is getting married. There are too many things you have to decide upon, right from the venue to the ring to the music and what not! The whole thing can be pretty stress inducing and then, you also need to select a […]

first dance special with these top wedding songs

Make your First Dance Special with These Top Wedding Songs

The first dance of your wedding with your spouse tells a lot about you as a couple. It must reflect your chemistry with each other. If you do not have a signature song as a couple, you need to listen to a few songs and pick up the most suitable one from them. If you […]