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features and benefits of handmade wedding invitations

Features and Benefits of Handmade Wedding Invitations

Handmade wedding invitation is a fabulous way of inviting your dear and near ones to the most important event of your life – wedding. Although there is a whole host of ready-made options available in design and content of invitations, if you want a unique memorable invitation with a personal touch, then handmade invitations are […]

wedding anniversary gifting ideas

Top Wedding Anniversary Gifting Ideas

Choosing a wedding anniversary gift for your loved ones can be a pleasure as well as a challenge for many. Since the occasion calls for something really special and thoughtful, it is best to do your research beforehand. Many of us are not even aware that there is a traditional and modern list of gifts […]

tips to select a make up artist for your wedding

Tips to Select a Make Up Artist for your Wedding

Bridal make up is ought to be flawless; not only because it’s your D day but also photographers will not miss a chance to capture the best shots of your beauty. The magicians who work behind the curtains to give you this ravishing look on the wedding day are the makeup artists. Choosing them therefore […]

tips for choosing a bakery for wedding cake

Tips for Choosing a Bakery for Wedding Cake

Choosing a wedding cake of your dreams is one of the prominent aspects of a wedding ceremony, if not the most important aspect. Of all the other delicacies you choose or the arrangements you organise, the wedding cake is the most significant that appeals a lot of attention. So it is obvious that you will […]

personalize your wedding accessories with these tips

Personalize your Wedding Accessories with these Tips

Wedding is a very special occasion in a person’s life – thus everything should be perfect starting from clothes to food. Wedding clothes and accessories play a vital role as guests will come and primarily see you and the detailing for the D day. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly better to take the charge yourself instead of […]