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tips for attractive pre-wedding shoot

5 Tips for Attractive Pre-Wedding Shoot

Pre-wedding photo shoots have existed in the world of wedding photography for quite some time, but the trend seems to be experiencing a new wave of indulgers. Pre-wedding photography has expanded into conceptualised sessions with particular motivations and directions. Some concepts of pre-wedding photography centre around the idea of representing the whole story of the […]

black and white wedding theme ideas

3 Amazing Black and White Wedding Theme Ideas

Black and white themes have been popular among all event planners and organisers. The reason is that black and white add a different dimension to the whole event and to the photographic memories of it as well. Few of the most well received and widely used themes for weddings also are black and white wedding […]

tips to be a great groomsman

8 Tips to be a Great Groomsman

A groomsman, who is also known as the usher in some parts, is the individual who attends to the groom at his wedding and performs a variety of tasks on the days leading up to the wedding. It is the groomsman’s job to assist the groom in any preparations, to plan the bachelor’s party and […]

last minute wedding checklist

Last Minute Wedding Checklist: The Essentials

A last minute check list is very important and makes an integral component of the wedding preparations and planning. The whole planning process, number of duties that one has to fulfil and the huge number of things one has to take care of is immensely overwhelming. In such a situation having a checklist to keep […]

tips to buy wedding dress online

Top Tips to Buy Wedding Dress Online

When it comes to buying your wedding dress, then there are many options that you can avail. You can either go dress hunting in the local market or go to warehouses which specialize in selling such dresses. But one of the best and the easiest ways to buy a wedding dress is to shop online. […]

antique wedding jewelry

Guide to Antique Wedding Jewelry Shopping

Antique or vintage jewelry is unique, nostalgic, and artistic and there are different styles to suit different moods and different events, weddings being no different. When it comes to weddings, most people love to go traditional and prefer antique jewelries these days. There are many options available as far as antique jewelries are concerned and […]

reno, nevada

Your First Move as Newlyweds: Top 10 Cities to Live in America

Well the wedding is over, and that is usually one of the most challenging aspects of actually getting hitched. However, for most newlyweds, the urge to establish a brand new residence in a home or apartment can be overwhelming. In fact, it is actually quite easy to find an affordable residence whether you decide to […]