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marquee wedding checklist

Follow a Marquee Wedding Checklist for Perfection

Home or garden based marquee weddings are incredibly popular today, which can make your special day picture perfect with a carefully planned venue and other details. The superbly creative and personal marquee wedding, gives you a lot of space to include your personal touch on everything. Nevertheless,it involves a lot of planning and designing to […]

wedding favors etiquette

Wedding Favors Etiquette

Wedding favors are a fantastic means of expressing your gratitude and happiness to your near and dear ones, who took their time and effort to attend your wedding, and made it a memorable event. Though it is not compulsory to give wedding favors, they are certainly a beautiful means to thank your near ones by […]

wedding shoes heels or flats

Wedding Shoes Heels or Flats – Which One to Choose?

Brides, all over the world want to look their dream best on their wedding day with everything perfect, including a pair of classy shoes that goes with the ensemble. As per the traditional trend, brides used to wear those graceful stilettos to stand tall in the wedding. However, in the recent years, this trend has […]

do’s and don’t’s of hiring a wedding DJ

Do’s and Don’t’s of Hiring a Wedding DJ

A wedding ceremony is probably the most looked forward occasion in your life, and you want everything to be perfect,including the fabulous wedding party associated with it. In order to fulfill the long cherished dream of dancing away to glory with your family and friends in your wedding party, it is essential to hire the […]

choose the perfect bridal lingerie

Tips to Choose the Perfect Bridal Lingerie?

While choosing your bridal lingerie, you need to focus on two things and that is what to wear on your wedding day and what to wear on your wedding night. While choosing undergarments for the ceremony, you should focus on support and comfort and while choosing lingerie for your wedding night, go for something that […]