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wedding invitation for unique destination theme

Choosing A Wedding Invitation For Unique Destination Theme

Destination weddings are in a lot of vogue these days and a large number of couples decide to get married outside their city of residence and sometimes even outside their country of residence. Destination weddings are a lot different than in-city weddings not only because they are most exciting but also because they incorporate the […]

tips for selecting a wedding reception band

Some Amazing Tips for Selecting a Wedding Reception Band

A wedding needs a lot of preparation, bookings, purchasing and decision making. Among the catering, the cake, the wedding dress and the venue, one thing which is equally important to decide and book in advance is a wedding reception band. The kind of music you play at your wedding is something which a guest takes […]

plan and organize an Indian style wedding

How to Plan and Organize an Indian Style Wedding

An Indian style wedding is a wedding based on Indian customs and rituals where the bride and the groom wed each other based on Indian traditions and wedding ceremonies. It may be easy for Indians to organize an Indian style wedding but what about those who are not Indians by origin and wish to get […]

tips on organizing a large wedding

Some Tips on Organizing a Large Wedding

A large wedding is a difficult affair to organize, handle and run. It takes months of planning, shopping, organizing a wedding which is large scale but even then a few things may go wrong here and there. But with proper advanced strategies and task distribution, even a large wedding can be made into a smooth […]

perfect wedding shoes

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoes

The day of your wedding is going to be the most special day of your life, a day when you will finally become life partner of the one you love. You want everything to go perfectly from the dress, to the food, to the cake and even the shoes! Yes, picking the right shoes for […]