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social etiquette to follow during second marriage

Some Social Etiquette to follow during Second Marriage

In the world that we live, second marriages are not as uncommon or frowned upon as they once used to be. In earlier times, it was considered polite not to invite many people to a second marriage and to make the announcement without any pomp and show. But things have changed now and so has […]

traditional italian wedding

How to Plan a Perfect Traditional Italian Wedding

Planning a bona fide traditional Italian Wedding will include the occasions of the engagement, the ceremony and the reception. While organizing Italian traditional wedding you can adhere to the following guide lines. The event will not only be perfectly traditional but memorable as well. Engagement Getting Permission As per traditional Italian wedding groom has to […]

making pets a part of your wedding

Tips on Making Pets a Part of your Wedding

Undoubtedly wedding is the most memorable moment of your life. Of course, to include your furry friend in this occasion require some preparation. Your pet might feel out of place, baffled and perplexed amidst the crowd if he is not used to such occasions; thus you being the owner need to take some advanced steps […]

green ideas for wedding favors

The Green Ideas for Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are small gifts offered to the guests as a kind gesture of appreciation and gratitude for attending the special event of the couple. The best way to honor guests on your weddings is with a eco-friendly favors as they not only stand unique but opens up with a global welfare message. It is […]

wedding shoes for outdoor wedding

5 Tips on Choosing Wedding Shoes for Outdoor Wedding

Choosing the dream pair of wedding shoes for your D day of life can be as difficult to select your dream attire especially if you have organized outdoor wedding. In selecting your wedding shoes you have to be aware about your venue of wedding as well the comfortability to stay away from unnecessary pain. It […]