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Wedding Dinner Music Memorable

Great Ideas For Making Your Wedding Dinner Music Memorable

Most couples leave the choice of music to be played at their wedding to the DJ who is chosen to play the music on the D-day. This might force the bride and the groom, including the guests to make do with music that doesn’t appeal to them. Therefore just like all the other preparations, it […]

Tricks to Capture Those Moments on a Beach Wedding

Top 7 Tricks to Capture Those Moments on a Beach Wedding

You have been appointed to capture the moments on your camera in that beach wedding of your cousin. All you can think of is the harsh light from the mid afternoon sun that might spoil every attempt at your trying to create magic out of those moments through your lens. Read on to find out […]

Ideas for Wedding Cakes In 2014

Top Ideas for Wedding Cakes In 2014

Cakes are the last thing on anyone’s mind while planning a wedding, unless of course one is a true foodie with a sweet tooth. However, one should remember that the cake is a very important part of the whole experience of a wedding and is remembered by everyone long after the last cream and sponge […]

Wedding Vow

Say ‘I Do’ With a Few More Words as Your Wedding Vow

The wedding, the decoration, the gown, the music, the menu, the guests,  all boils down in the end as a prelude to the most important part of the entire celebration; the moment that “I do” is exchanged. A person may be the most creative and eloquent in the world, but to be able to write […]

Ideas For Green Wedding Gifts

Top 6 Ideas For Green Wedding Gifts

With more and more couples opting for green weddings, the need for guests to rack their brains and creativity to choose eco-friendly gifts to suit these green weddings is on the rise. Easier said than done, as, to choose something appropriate for a couple who is environment conscious, is a daunting task and requires a […]