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casino on your honeymoon

Enjoy a Night Out in a Casino on your Honeymoon

As part of one’s wedding plans, a honeymoon destination must be selected. Couples literally have the world at their fingertips when making this selection. The Italian city of Venice is an appealing location for a honeymoon. The city is quite charming with gondoliers, canals and elegant piazzas.The city is a pleasing blend of old and […]


It’s Forever – So What Should You Consider When Buying a Wedding Ring?

“With this ring, I thee wed.” These words have preceded the giving and exchange of wedding rings in church marriage ceremonies for millions of couples. Surprisingly, though, way back in the 9th century, the Church frowned on the giving of wedding rings as, in those days, the rings were elaborately decorated with doves and heathen […]

Here Comes the Bride

Ideas for Weddings on the Beach

Many couples look for ideas for weddings on the beach because the concept of a less formal wedding is extremely popular nowadays. Beach weddings have a somewhat romantic feeling to them and they can prove to be a lot cheaper than the ones held at a restaurant. Apart from this , this type of wedding […]