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Handcrafted Wedding Invitations

Not everybody wants to think about handcrafted wedding invitations, but those that do should know that these are easy to create and they are also unique so you can be sure that the guests will never forget about the special kind of invitations that you had. Painting In case you are interested in invitations that […]

Wedding hair style

Hershesons – 5 Celebrity Inspired Wedding Hair Styles

Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life, and such a seminal occasion demands that you look at your absolute best. While your choice of dress, make-up and accessories are also crucial in creating your desired appearance, however, it is arguably your hair style that will help to elevate a look […]

Garden Wedding Invitations Ideas

Garden Wedding Invitations Ideas

In case you are thinking about garden wedding invitation ideas you may already know that these could turn out to be quite expensive. The good news is that since the majority of garden weddings are informal, you can also have informal invitations. Homemade paper For this idea you should make paper using old wrapping paper […]

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Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Men

In case you are looking for anniversary gifts ideas for men first you have to decide what kind of a gift you wish to offer. You could be thinking about something useful, something fun, or something traditional. Also consider the things that the person in question likes. A watch This is one of the traditional […]


Best Wedding Dresses 2013

Each year the trends of the wedding dresses change, so you may wish to be up to date with the best wedding dresses 2013. This year the designers managed to surprise us with unique approaches while keeping the elegant look of the dresses. It’s all an illusion Vera Wang decided to play with lace for […]

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Ivory Wedding Dresses 2013

A lot of people believe that the traditional color of the wedding dress is white. However, numerous women are looking for ivory wedding dresses 2013. This is mainly because women with fair skin would simply disappear in a white dress so they choose another color that is more flattering for them. Strapless mermaid dress Think […]

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts

If you like traditions, you may be looking for traditional wedding anniversary gifts. Each anniversary has its traditional gift, color, flower and so on. It is interesting that there are old traditional gifts and modern traditional gifts, so you can choose whichever you think is more appropriate. The First Wedding Anniversary It is believed that […]

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Funny Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

In case you aren’t one of the traditional couples, you might be interested in funny wedding invitation wording ideas. There are a lot of ideas that you will find, but the most important thing is to find those that have a special meaning for you. Mummies For this invitation you will need a photo of […]

Wedding Styles

Spring Wedding Styles for Cutting-Edge Comfort

The unofficial wedding season is on us again and if you’re lucky enough to be going to one, your mind has no doubt turned to thinking about wedding guest dresses. Finding the perfect dress for the occasion can be a tricky task. It needs to be suitable, glamorous and comfortable enough to wear all day and […]

The Honeymoon with a Difference

USA Coast to Coast: The Honeymoon with a Difference

When you think of a traditional honeymoon, your head may be filled with images of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. While this traditional picture has its charm, for those more adventurous souls, U.S. coast to coast holidays are a way of satisfying that urge to explore while enjoying a relaxing honeymoon, creating shared memories that […]