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Non Traditional Wedding Vows Ideas

Non Traditional Wedding Vows Ideas You Would Love to Try

The highlights of a wedding include the vows that the couples say (if they write their own). Although not all couples want the traditional vows, they might not be ready for writing one. The non traditional wedding vows ideas are the perfect place for them to start looking for inspiration. True love When thinking about […]

Top Romantic Wedding Vows

Top Romantic Wedding Vows for a Dream Wedding

Some people say that romance is overrated. Nonetheless there are a lot of couples looking for the top romantic wedding vows. In our days it is common for people to write their own vows. This idea might be better than using the traditional vows because it sends a personal message. What you have to offer […]

Steps to Planning a Wedding Checklist

Useful Steps to Planning a Wedding Checklist

In case you are thinking about the steps to planning a wedding checklist, you should know that no matter how hard you try, there will always be some details that you will forget about. In this case you shouldn’t panic, just make sure that you have enough time to sort things out. The first steps […]

How to Find the Perfect Bra for Your Wedding Dress

If your wedding day is rapidly approaching, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind. From invitations to seating plans, buffet food to favours, there’s plenty to organize – but don’t forget to think about your lingerie. The right bra will perfect your look, but what styles work best? And what garment will go well […]

The shape of the 2012 ivory wedding dresses

Trends Ruling over Ivory Wedding Dresses 2012

Traditionally the color of the wedding dress is supposed to be white, which symbolizes purity. Nonetheless the ivory wedding dresses 2012 are gaining more and more popularity and this is an option that you could consider if you want to be trendy on your wedding day. The shape of the 2012 ivory wedding dresses All […]

First anniversary gifts for men that are traditional

What Are the Best Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Men?

Although we are living in a modern world, there are a lot of people looking for traditional anniversary gifts for men. Each anniversary has its traditional gifts, but nobody says that you should stick to the same old gifts. You could add a modern spin but still maintain the traditional feeling of the gift. First […]

Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips

Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips

Planning a wedding is never easy so to make sure that you will have everything covered you should be looking for top 10 wedding planning tips. 1. Start early You have to start planning in advance to make sure that you will find florists and other providers for your wedding. They are starting to get […]

Silver rose

25th Wedding Anniversary Invitations – Exploring Your Options

In case you are thinking about 25th wedding anniversary invitations you should make sure that it has a lot of silver color in it. This is important because silver is the traditional color of the 25th anniversary. This way the guests will know what the special occasion is even before they open the invitation. Silver […]