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Bridalplasty: The Makeover before the Big Day

Bridalplasty: The Makeover before the Big Day

Every woman wants to feel like a princess on their special day. We may not have all been blessed with the perfect figure, perfect skin, or even the perfect smile. There are, however, things you can do that will leave you looking and feeling your best for your big day. Women all over are discovering […]

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Tips to Make the Civil Wedding Ceremony Special

There are many reasons why so many people choose to have a civil wedding at the city hall or registrar’s office. The couple may not be religious, or the bride and the groom could belong to different religious denominations. It could also be that one or both have been married previously. Many couples who think […]

Unusual Wedding Locales

10 Ideas for Truly Unusual Wedding Locales

You’ve probably read about people getting married under water, or in a hot air balloon or other really exotic locations. Perhaps you’ve thought of having such an unusual locale for your wedding as well? We look at some unusual wedding locales that will make your special day that much more special and truly memorable: 1. […]

Wedding Photographer

The Chat You Should Have With Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding photos tell the story of your big day long after you’ve forgotten most of that day. Needless to say you want the best possible photos of your wedding. While all of this will depend upon whom you hire – the camera quality and the photographer’s skills – it will also depend upon the instructions […]

Wedding Footwear

Ways to Jazz up Your Wedding Footwear

You obviously want wedding shoes that will look as spectacular as the wedding dress – but perhaps you don’t want shoes that are so spectacular that you never get to wear them anywhere again. So how you do get really dressy shoes for your special day and also be practical about it? Well you answer […]

Videographer for the Wedding

Videographer for the Wedding – To Have or Not To Have

On the one hand you want that every moment of your special day be recorded in vivid detail, including all of the important words that will be said on the day. Yet on the other hand you wonder if having a videographer present at the wedding makes sense – whether you’re going to really watch […]