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Becoming a Wedding Planner

The Road to Becoming a Wedding Planner

Since people are very likely to go on having wedding parties in the future, there are a lot of people thinking about becoming a wedding planner. This is a job that really has a future, but what does it take to become a pro? Skills One of the most important things to have if you […]

Wedding Preparation Checklist

How Simple Can a Wedding Preparation Checklist Be?

When it comes to organizing a wedding, things might get a bit hectic and this is why it may be useful to have a wedding preparation checklist. This should contain all the important steps that you need to take for a successful event. Telling the parents The first and most important thing that you should […]

Mens Wedding Shoes

The Mens Wedding Shoes for a Comfortable Big Day

It is a well-known fact that women have a lot of problems with uncomfortable shoes, but this is something that men also have to consider, especially in case of men’s wedding shoes. So which ones to choose for which occasion? Black tie wedding and wedding shoes for men In case you have to attend a […]

Creative Wedding Gifts

Creative Wedding Gifts for Every Pocket Size

It is said that money is one of the least creative wedding gifts of them all, and so you might want to look for some others that the newlyweds would like to get. Here are some that are suitable even in case you are on a tight budget. Baking supplies as wedding gifts that are […]

Bridal Shower Party Favors

Top Bridal Shower Party Favors the Bride Can Choose with Confidence

One of the most important events in case of a wedding, besides the wedding itself is the bridal shower, and if you are preparing for yours, you might be looking for bridal shower party favors. Satin boxes as favors for bridal shower party These little boxes are really elegant and the best thing about them […]

Cool Wedding Ideas

Cool Wedding Ideas for Brides with Unconventional Taste

In case you don’t want to have the traditional wedding feeling, you might be looking for some cool wedding ideas. These could include both the ceremony and the reception. The biggest advantage of the unconventional brides is that they can have everything that they want without having to make any compromise. Candles You may not […]

Wedding Photography Ideas

Top Wedding Photography Ideas You Might Want to Use

Your wedding is something that you will remember for the rest of your life, but to keep every memory more alive, you might be looking for some wedding photography ideas. Here are some that you may be interested in. Create a list when considering ideas for wedding photography One of the best things that a […]

wedding hairstyles

Big Day Hair Preparations

As you are gearing up for the big day, your time and attention will be divided between a million different tasks to make your wedding go off as smooth as possible. Hopefully, as the date draws nearer, you will have set everything into place and are able to keep your stress levels to a minimum. […]

How to Plan a Wedding Checklist

Learning How to Plan a Wedding Checklist

In the moment when you get engaged, you might be thinking about how to plan a wedding checklist. There are many things that you have to consider, but how can you be sure that you won’t forget something? Planning a wedding checklist a long time before the actual wedding At the beginning you should be […]

wedding speech

The Best Man Speech: Tips for Your Nerves

Pre-wedding jitters are often thought to be exclusive to the bride and groom, but with speeches being a token part of the day, this is not the case. An unfortunate fact of life is: some people are public speakers, others are not. At a wedding, everyone in the room is a friend or family member […]