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Ideas for Wedding Favors

Ideas for Wedding Favors That You Can Do Yourself

In case you are preparing for your wedding you might know that the majority of the things that you need cost quite a lot, so you may be looking for ideas for wedding favors that you can make on your own. Flower bulbs as wedding favor ideas It is simple to create something nice and […]

Custom Party Favors

What to Choose for Custom Party Favors

When it comes to your wedding, you shouldn’t think of the favors as a burden, but as a way for self expression, and this is why you should be looking for custom party favors. Although at the beginning you might not have the slightest idea about what you are going to offer, maybe the following […]

Honey Wedding Favors

The Very Sweet Side of Honey Wedding Favors

Although you might be thinking of honey as the sweet and sticky thing, you should know that in ancient times it has been considered the symbol of beauty, love and fertility. This is why you may be looking for honey wedding favors. Even more, according to Greek mythology Cupid used to dip his arrows into […]

Glamorous Wedding Dresses

The Definition of Glamorous Wedding Dresses

When people are talking about glamorous wedding dresses it is very difficult to decide what they are referring to precisely. There are so many kinds of dresses to consider and the trend changes from one season to the other. One of the most popular designs among the designers is still the strapless corset and also […]

Fashion Wedding Dresses

The Fashion Wedding Dresses We Should Expect in Spring 2012

In the moment when you start planning your wedding one of the most important decisions that you will have to make concerns the fashion wedding dresses that you are going to wear. At some point all the dresses that you can choose from might become overwhelming. Here is a bit of help what to keep […]

Coffee Wedding Favors

Practical Ideas for Coffee Wedding Favors

In the moment when you start organizing your wedding, you should also think about the favors, and so you might take into consideration the coffee wedding favors. This is a kind of favor that anybody would like to get and the guests for sure will use them happily. If you opt for such an idea, […]

Wedding Reception Favors

Making the Most of the Versatile Wedding Reception Favors

One of the most important things when it comes to wedding reception favors is for them to be practical and in the same time versatile. These are the characteristics of those favors that the guests for sure will remember. Photo glass as favors for the wedding reception The main point of these favors is to […]

Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Wedding Invitations and Stationery from Bride & Groom

Bride & Groom is the leading online supplier of wedding stationery, save the day cards, wedding gifts and accessories. Established in 1993, Bride & Groom has maintained its reputation for excellent quality and service. They offer free samples of their invitations and stationery, so making the right choice is easy. Stationery products In addition to […]