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Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

The Most Stylish Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

A bridal shower is always important in the life of the brides, and you might want the occasion to be memorable for the guests as well, so look for some fun bridal shower favor ideas. You could be thinking about something that is funny, sweet or that will always be a memory. Measuring spoon The […]

Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas

The Cutest Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas According to the Bridal Shower Theme

Bridal showers are a much-awaited event before the wedding. Some lucky brides may even get more than one bridal shower arranged for her. Her friends or cousins usually plan the shower. There is a lot to plan to make the party a success and a theme party can make the work a little easier and […]

Bridal Hair Flowers

Which Bridal Hair Flowers Fit Which Bridal Hair?

Planning a wedding is a meticulous job where the smallest details need plenty of attention. One of the most important items on the to-do list is the bride’s look on the wedding day and bridal hair flowers are naturally part of the process to make the look shine. Besides the wedding dress and the bouquet, […]

Bridal Hair Combs

How to Use Bridal Hair Combs for Bridal Updo

In case you imagine the bridal hair combs as the cheap plastic combs you used to wear as a child, you should look around. There are combs coming with crystals and beads of every kind. Half updos with hair combs for brides In case you imagine yourself walking down the aisle with your hair flowing […]

Bridal Hair Accessories

Top Bridal Hair Accessories for a Fascinating Hairdo

In case you aren’t a traditional person, why would your bridal hair accessories be traditional? There are numerous different accessories that are gorgeous without being too classic or too nonconformist. Ribbons as hair accessories for brides In case you like to wear headbands, why wouldn’t you wear one on your wedding as well? Naturally we […]

Bridal Fascinators

DIY Bridal Fascinators for the Fashionable Bride

Although the majority of brides choose to buy their accessories, many brides still opt to make their own bridal fascinators. Hair fascinators for brides For this you will need a hair comb, feathers, artificial flowers, decorations and ribbons, glue, scissors and yarn. First you have to take the comb and glue the end of the […]

Best Wedding Favors

The Best Wedding Favors from Sweet to Classic

It is just natural for the wedding to be something unforgettable for the couple, but there are some ways through which it could also become unforgettable for the guests. One of these ways is to offer the best wedding favors. Napkins as the top wedding favors Nothing seems to be special about napkins, but they […]

Asian Wedding Favors

The Cutest Asian Wedding Favors an Asian Bride Can Go For

The Asian theme is one of the most popular wedding themes of them all, especially in case the bride or the groom is Asian. In this case you would also need Asian wedding favors. Candles One of the traditional wedding favors for Asians is the candle. This is a really good idea, especially in case […]