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Bridesmaids’ Duties vs Bridesmaids’ Perks

In many cases when a friend or relative is getting married, girls are afraid that they are going to be asked to be bridesmaids. What is there to be afraid of? It is true that you will have some duties, but there are also some perks and you should find a way to enjoy the […]

Hottest Wedding Destinations of 2011

Hottest Wedding Destinations of 2011

One of the must have accessories in a wedding these days is a far-flung locale. Destination weddings are one trend that is definitely not going away any time soon. Whether you plan an intimate beach soiree or a giant church gathering. What are you waiting for? Pack up your wedding dresses and go! Here’s a […]

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

The biggest problem regarding the summer weddings is that they seem to look very much alike and you could get the feeling that if you have seen one, you have seen them all. This is why in case you are organizing your own wedding, you should try to add something new to it. It might […]

DIY Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations – Why You Should Go for Them

We all know that one of the most important moments in life is one’s wedding. It is just natural that we would all like to have fabulous weddings, but this might cost a lot and in case you are on a tight budget, it is something that is out of the question. A quick solution […]

Ring Bearer Pillow

The Ring Bearer Box Vs Ring Bearer Pillow

According to the tradition, the ring is brought to the couple at the ceremony on a pillow, but in some cases the couple prefers a ring bearer’s box. It could be a real question which one to use and this is why it is very important that you know about how to create both of […]