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Wedding Thank You Notes

A Personal Touch Will Make Your Wedding Cards Count

Your wedding day will sure be a magical one for you and your soul mate. The only thing that may be a problem is that all the positive feelings that you will experience this day from you loved ones can overwhelm you. Although it’s not easy at all to express your feeling in writing, the […]

Wedding Shower Favors

Cute vs. Practical Ideas for Wedding Shower Favors

Women attend numerous wedding showers during their life and in the majority of the cases they get wedding shower favors that are cute and that remind them of the wedding shower in question, but nothing more, just a memory. In case you are organizing an upcoming bridal shower, you might want to take the idea […]

Budget Savvy Brides

Budget Savvy Brides and What Hides Behind the Concept

There are some brides and grooms who say that most probably they will have only one wedding ceremony and this is why they should make the best of it, no matter how much it costs. On the other hand there are those couples who are thinking about the future and they say that they prefer […]

Announce The Wedding

The Trendy Ways to Announce Your Wedding

Are you ready to announce your engagement amongst your friends? If so, think about a special way to announce it, a way that matches your style, because not only the wedding shows your personality, but the engagement also says a lot about you. Therefore, the big announcement will show others something about you two, as […]

Traditional Honeymoons

Italy Vs Greece for Traditional Honeymoons

What is the first thing that you think about when you hear about Italy? In case you are a girl, most probably you will be thinking about the handsome boys that are to be found there, and in case of men, you will be thinking about pretty girls to meet. Bottom line, you will be […]