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Wiccan Wedding Ceremony

Wiccan Wedding Ceremony – The Offbeat Brides Like It

Wiccan, Pagan or Celtic beliefs are the original religions that ruled the earth before Christianity overthrew them. More and more people now want to go back to these earth religions that celebrate mother earth and other forces of nature. So if you are a Wiccan or a Celtic fan and would like a marriage that […]

Beach Wedding Favors

Beach Wedding Favors Are Always Something to Love

Theme weddings are a delight for the guests and the bride and groom alike, although the to-be-wedded couple may have spent days and days putting all aspects of the theme together. Theme weddings create a great ambience and one can see the large amount of thought that has gone into achieving every aspect of the […]

Vintage Wedding Themes

Vintage Wedding Color Palettes for the True Romantics

In spite that during the last decade it has been fashionable to have the most modern wedding possible, lately if you are trying to be modern, you have to look towards the past. This means that you will have to consider the vintage wedding themes, and also the colors. There are some things that you […]

Wedding Cake Decorations

Wedding Cake Decorations – The 2011 Trends

Which are the central elements of a wedding? The bride and the wedding cake of course (no offence to the grooms). We all know about the trends regarding the wedding dresses, hairstyles and so on, but what about the cakes and the decorations? In case you are getting married this year, there is something you […]