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Wedding Ring Envy

Wedding Ring Envy – Just a Celebrity Thing?

While for some the wedding ring is just an accessory of a wedding, others have set some ground rules regarding the size, the material and also the style of the ring. You might think that only the celebrities are this picky when it comes to this object, but there are numerous women in the real […]

Low Cost Wedding

Organizing a Sustainable Wedding for Yourself

What does a wedding need? Money, time and energy. Without these the wedding in question might not be as the couple desires and that might be a major letdown. Still, because of the given economic situation, more and more people are trying to cut from the list the money part, through organizing a sustainable wedding. […]

Wedding Preparation

Make Your Groom Love the Wedding Preparation

Becoming a ‘bridezilla’? That’s a big NO NO in case you would like to get your groom involved in the planning of your wedding. Although in the majority of the cases the grooms seem to leave the planning to the bride, you might turn the whole planning into a couple’s activity. There are numerous ways […]

Bride Grand Mother Dress

Wedding Dress for Bride’s Grandmother

Every grandmother is a special person for the grandchildren, and this is why they would like to share their special day with the grannies. Also the grandmothers would like to look nice for the event, and the majority of them start looking for a new dress in the moment they hear about the upcoming wedding. […]

Weddings in Park

Planning Your Central Park Wedding

Every girl dreams about her wedding taking place somewhere magical and being simply perfect. As girls grow into women, their expectations change and they might become more practical. Still they would like a nice and special place for the big day and one of the top picks of the US brides is Central Park in […]

Wedding Recption Decoration

Let the Stars Shine Over Your Wedding Reception

When it comes to weddings, the majority of the brides would like to have a special theme that would have an impact on the entire ceremony. You might opt for the celestial theme, and in this case there are numerous options that you have. One of the most obvious ones is to hold the wedding […]

Bridesmaids Dress

Trends to Rock the Bridesmaids’ Hearts

One wedding and one bride. In the majority of the cases this is what people think about when receiving a wedding invitation. Although the guests will focus mainly on the bride, she also has to think about the looks of her bridesmaids. Among the newest collection of this season you will find some dresses that […]

wedding speech

Some Dos and Don’ts for Making a Memorable Wedding Speech

If one is in line for making the Wedding Toast or otherwise deliver a speech at the wedding, then you want to do as good a job as possible; to try and make it memorable, but for the right and not the wrong reasons! So here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind […]

Low Cost Wedding Cake

The Low Cost Version of the Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are an integral part of the wedding. Every couple would like their cake to be loved by guests not just with their palate but with their eyes too. Mind blowing cakes come at mind blowing prices and sometimes the couple may be running out of budget or are expenditure savvy. In such situations […]

Vintage Wedding

Vintage Decoration for the Wedding Aisle

Weddings go “vintage” this season. If the various wedding fairs are any indication to go by, vintage weddings are the hot favorites for the next couple of years. From wedding dresses to colors and decorations everything is inspired by the cottage feel look. Wedding dresses showcased at bridal fashion shows indicate that big skirts are […]