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Wedding Bouquet Trends

Wedding Bouquet Trends for 2011

The wedding dress is the apple of all eyes and it is complete only when the bride is holding the perfect bouquet. This year bouquets show a variety of trends with the vintage style leading the blooms. There are different styles of bouquet to pick from and then personalize with ribbons tied in various artistic […]

wedding updo

Should You Wear Your Hair up? Reasons why You Should

Now that you have the all important wedding dress sorted, you have the hair to think of. What will suit the dress? What will suit your face? Do you want it up or down, should you braid it or pleat it, how will you have it done, and who will do it for you; a […]

Wedding Plans for the Groom

Perfect Wedding Plans for the Groom

The wedding day is primarily portrayed as the bride’s day, but one needs to remember that it is an equally important day in the groom’s life. The bride may be planning the whole affair but the groom is an equally important part of it. Here is a short overview as to how he can contribute […]

2011 Bridal Shoes Trends

2011 Bridal Shoes Trends

The perfect wedding dress is incomplete without the perfect bridal shoes. Here is a peek into what is in and what is not, this season, to help the bride choose her perfect pair of dainties. There is so much to choose from. At the end of the day, your shoes will be your style statement […]

The Royal Wedding in April

The Future English Princess’ Wedding Gown and the Unknown Designer

The Royal Wedding in April is the most expected event of the year and has everyone’s curiosity risen about the different aspects of the wedding. One of the most sought after secret (and best kept too) is the designer for Kate Middleton’s wedding gown. Speculations are high and yet there is no concrete information about […]

Plastic Surgery Before Wedding

What’s the 411 on Plastic Surgery Before the Wedding?

Women will always try to plan in her mind how her wedding day should be. The numerous details from the venue, the caterers, the champagne glasses, the flowers, her gorgeous wedding gown and of course how beautiful she would look while walking down the aisle. With putting all efforts to look effortlessly beautiful and divine […]

wedding jitters

Wedding Jitters or Second Thought? How to Differentiate?

On the one hand are wedding jitters – normal, par for the course, general anxieties and tensions that the stress of planning a wedding can well bring on for any of us. On the other hand are second thoughts, which make you question your whole decision to commit to a particular person, questioning the very […]

wedding bands

Wedding Bands – Different Options for Different Folks

A wedding band is the symbol of the solemn affirmation that you will soon be making to that most important person in your life and you want to give some thought to that important piece of jewelry that you will hopefully be wearing for the rest of your life. That diamond engagement ring is soon […]

wedding reception entrance

Original Ideas for the Bride and Groom Reception Entrance

In case you are a future bride to be, you are probably planning everything about the wedding day. If you didn’t plan the wedding reception and the entrance, here are few ideas that will make your wedding day even more memorable than you think it will be. The wedding reception is one of the most […]

non traditional wedding dress

Non Traditional Wedding Dress Options

Either because you are not a traditionalist, or because you don’t think that you should spend a huge amount on an outfit that you only wear once, or because traditional designs just don’t suit you or your personality or simply because you want to be different from all others, you may want to go the […]