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funny wedding vows

Funny Wedding Vows to Add Humor in Your Ceremony

Tired of the tried-and-true traditional wedding vows? Want something that reflects the creativity and fun of the couple? Who says wedding has to be a serious occasion! Funny wedding vows are a great option for couples who want to add an element of humor to their wedding. There are some advantages to write their own […]

wedding ring tattoos

Tattooed Wedding Rings – The Pros and Cons

The tattooed wedding rings have certainly become a commodity in the last years for many unconventional couples. The celebrities surely gave us some examples and if Portia de Rossi tattooed the initials of her fiancĂ© Francesca Gregorini on her finger and removed it when they broke up, Colin Farell and Amelia Warner got a pair […]

fall wedding ideas

8 Fall Wedding Ideas to Add a Special Touch to Your Ceremony

Wedding in beautiful fall months adds a special touch to the ceremony when decorated well. Consider some of the fall wedding ideas to make your wedding more memorable. It is easy to find fall wedding ideas. Here are some of the fall wedding ideas: 1. Color palette Choose the colors that are reflective of the […]

honeysuckle color

Honeysuckle – Delicate Sweetness in a Wedding Theme

If you are a bride-to-be, then you surely need to think about wedding planning anytime soon. Therefore, here is some advice that will keep you updated with the latest wedding trends. The first thing you need to choose is your wedding gown. In case you want to be an extravagant bride, this is the right […]

caribbean weddings

Caribbean Weddings – A Romantic Way to Celebrate Your Wedding

Looking for an unconventional approach to get married? Then make travel as part of your wedding experience. Incorporating travel in your wedding is a great way to make your special day most memorable. Wedding planning in an exotic spot that can take a little more work, but the rewards make it sensible. Caribbean weddings can […]

wedding favors ideas

Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Favors

Brides’ taste and wedding favors usually go hand in hand. Most of the couples leave the favor choice to whoever organizes the wedding. But if you plan to be original you can do it yourself. People generally expect to get a random favor – the type of napkins, soap, chocolate or candles. You can go […]

bridal updos

10 Popular Bridal Updos to Look Sparkling

Updos are very popular trend for your weddings. Usually, brides pay unique interest to their hairstyle, often selecting more formal approach that they have ever tried and opting to go for a traditional and elegant updo. Here is the information that can help you make right choice when it comes to bridal updos. If you […]

vintage wedding

Major Wedding Trends to Look for in 2011

In case you are planning your wedding, here are the latest trends that will help you to be a trendy bride in the biggest day of your life. The hottest wedding trends are many, but if you want to be really original, go for a vintage wedding. The vintage wedding includes a vintage wedding gown, […]