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new year wedding

New Year Wedding for a Progressive Bride

It may sound odd and unusual, but as a matter of fact New Year’s weddings are more festive than any other wedding. In case you are planning to get married, consider New Year’s Eve as the right time to do it. Here are few tips on how to organize such a wedding. At first make […]

wedding gift ideas

Wedding Gift Ideas To The Bride And Groom

Do you need to attend a wedding and have not decided on what gift to bring? Although wedding gift ideas can be whatever that is given from the heart, it is more helpful if you chose it for good reason and is useful to the married couple. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it […]

ballroom wedding

Weddings and Everything About the Dress

Choosing the dress is actually one of the most important steps on a bride’s road towards the wedding ceremony. So many times we hear that the wedding is all about the dress. So when it comes to choosing the right dress the bride has to consider both – the location as well as her silhouette. […]

wedding decor

Unique Ideas For Your Wedding Decor

Let’s face it, in wedding ceremonies and receptions, the first thing your guests notice is the wedding decorations. You’re wedding decor should have a theme and blends with the motif. It can be simple and light or go for the elaborate and luxurious decorations. Whatever your decor may be, make sure that it brings pleasant […]

wedding favors

The Best Winter Wedding Favors

In case you are going to marry in the winter, don’t hesitate to turn your wedding into a typical winter feast. The season offers lots of opportunities. You can marry on Christmas or on New Year’s Eve with a great party. Whatever you are choosing, just don’t turn your back on the winter theme for […]

plan wedding

Top 8 Ways To Plan Wedding On A Tight Budget

These days, it is important to be practical. More and more couples are going for casual weddings to avoid spending a lot of money on classy and traditional wedding ceremonies. So how do you plan wedding when you have a tight budget? Here are some tips that you can use: 1. Keep your guest list […]

yellow flower wedding cake

Wedding Cake Flowers are Art in Disguise

In case you are planning your wedding and you are still wondering about the decoration of the cake, here are some ideas that can help you. The wedding cake is an important part of the wedding, so think twice before purchasing the cake. The typical decorations for a wedding cake are the flowers. They are […]

dress for wedding

Choosing The Right Dress For Wedding

For a lot of brides choosing the right dress for wedding may be the most important part of all the wedding arrangements that must be done. Although it is only worn for one day, the memories that would be made with that dress will last for a lifetime. This is one of the reasons that […]

christmas wreath

Things You Should Know for a Christmas Wedding

In case you are planning a Christmas wedding, then you should consider several things for your wedding. The most important thing is the tradition. Christmas is time of fun and lots of positive emotions, so you can double the joy with your wedding. There are lots of advantages when it comes to holiday wedding, but […]