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Halloween Wedding For Those Who Love The Chills

In case you are seeking an unusual wedding theme, there is nothing better than the Halloween wedding theme. It is of course for those of you that admire the untraditional weddings and it isn’t for traditional brides to be, but a Halloween wedding is fun and moreover, it is an eccentric way to celebrate the […]

bridal shower invitations

Invite Your Girlfriends With Special Bridal Shower Invitations

Once you’ve planned the all-important bridal shower, it’s time to send out the invitations to those who will be present and will make the event more fun and meaningful for the bride. Bridal shower invitations are essential in letting the guests know the crucial details needed, such as the theme or motif, things to bring, […]

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Wedding Favors For Chocoholics

Love and chocolate are linked with each other and we all know it. In case you love chocolate and you are planning your wedding, choose chocolate wedding favors. It is stylish and classy, but mostly: it adds some personal element in your wedding day. Here are some ideas that can help you to choose the […]

wedding photography

Top 7 Tips For Beginners In Wedding Photography

Starting out a career in wedding photography can be a daunting task. First you have to check if you have all the proper equipment, and then begin creating a portfolio you can show prospective clients. Then you should have a list of helpful contacts who you can contact for printing, framing, and additional staff if […]

wedding gifts

How Expensive Should A Wedding Gift Be?

In case you have received a wedding invitation, the very first thing you need to consider is the choice of a wedding gift. Many are traditionalist and spend a lot of money for gifts, because the tradition says it should be expensive. According to the wedding experts, this is no longer a tradition. A wedding […]

bridal shower

Make Unforgettable Memories With These Bridal Shower Ideas

Bridal showers are an exciting and fun event conducted before every wedding. There are many ways to go about planning and executing a bridal shower, but the whole purpose of the event is to give gifts to the bride for use during or before her wedding and allow her some quality time with close female […]

wedding photo

40 Pre To Post Wedding Photos: Perfect Moments Captured

Here are 40 wedding photos that could remind you how wonderful you felt on that magical day.

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Wedding Vows And Whether Or Not They Should Be Original

The wedding vows are a complete fuss for 90% of the brides and grooms to be. If girls are a bit creative and find it easier to write the stuff, the boys usually panic and spend a lot of time on the matter. If you want your wedding vows to be unique but the writing […]

5 Tips To Help You Save Money On Wedding Decoration

5 Tips To Help You Save Money On Wedding Decoration

The fear of a lot of couples who want to get married today have all sorts of subconscious fears, and one of them is the expense they will have to spend on for their wedding decoration. With the rise in cost and services, there is no doubt that those necessities needed for a memorable wedding […]

vintage wedding dresses

Shine In Your Big Day With Stylish Vintage Wedding Dresses

There is something really fascinating about vintage wedding dresses. Aside from its value that can’t be compared from what you mostly see around, the history that comes with it is more than what the price that you’ll pay for. While some women are earnestly trying to look their best in their wedding by means of […]