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The Unconventional Bridal Gown For The Unconventional Bride

In case you are going to choose your bridal gown and you feel like you don’t have a choice, here are few tips how to choose the right gown for the biggest day of your life. Many brides consider the unconventional wedding dress as the best, because it is different and typically represents uniqueness, even […]

Plan Your Wedding Effectively With A Wedding Checklist

Plan Your Wedding Effectively With A Wedding Checklist

Are you planning to tie the knot with your special someone? Do you want to plan out your wedding yourselves? Is hiring a wedding planner out of your budget? No need to worry since you can still organize your big day without the help of professional event organizers by simply keeping a wedding checklist in […]

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Great Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Planning a wedding can be stressful but fun. Whether you are the one getting married or you are doing it for someone else, creativity always claims the overall result of design and ideas. One of the things you need to pay attention very well on weddings is the wedding centerpiece ideas. Traditional wedding centerpiece ideas […]


Which “Sex & The City Bride” Are You?

There isn’t a girl who saw “Sex & the city” and did not fall in love with the cool ladies and the actresses that played them. As in the life of any girl comes the moment when they have to face marriage, the beautiful heroines of the screen had to meet the moment too. Let’s […]

Unique Wedding Centerpieces To Wow Your Guests

Unique Wedding Centerpieces To Wow Your Guests

When it comes to preparing for your wedding reception design, many factors are important in pulling off an elegant, classy, and stylish design that blends together harmoniously. Some of the elements that need to be considered are the color, ambiance, lighting, theme, and texture. Choosing the right wedding centerpieces can hold all these elements together, […]

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3 Important Things To Remember In Buying Wedding Gifts

It is common knowledge that weddings are never complete without wedding gifts. They are an integral part, just as important as inviting guests. The bride and groom will be starting a new life together and they can sure use the wedding gifts given to them by their most beloved guests. The giving of wedding gifts […]

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The Special Touch You Have To Give Your Fall Wedding

Fall wedding is not exactly a common phenomenon because every new bride wants to be married in June. Fall as a season has a certain romantic charm that adds to the love between the bride and the groom getting set to marry during fall. Fall wedding decorations come as a wonderful way to add a […]

Traditional Wedding Ceremonies Order Of Service

Traditional Wedding Ceremonies Order Of Service

What could be more special and exciting than getting married? For couples planning to get married or have the dream of getting married, it is always a dream come true when they see themselves standing in front of the altar exchanging vows[wedding vows] with their partner. Wedding ceremonies can be long and stressful. Besides the […]

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Cascading Flowers Vs Minimal Wedding Bouquet

The wedding isn’t just a matter of tradition and should be a matter of your personal views on it. In case you are wondering about the flowers from your wedding day, here are some tips how to choose your bridal bouquet. In case you are willing to choose something different than the traditional bouquet, the […]

Light Up Your Big Day With Wedding Candles

Light Up Your Big Day With Wedding Candles

Wedding candles make for excellent decorative ideas; they add romance and a sense of warmth to the ambiance and are also extremely useful for nighttime and evening weddings. Depending on the type of ceremony, there are many ways you can make use of this lovely decorative idea. They are also a very affordable décor that […]