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Be A Dream Bride With Short Wedding Dresses

Be A Dream Bride With Short Wedding Dresses

Most brides have a hard time choosing their own bridal gowns. It maybe a simple task but with the various choices designers can show you and the competition on their prices, it may take longer to choose and finally come up with something concrete. There are others who change their minds right after they’ve chosen […]

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Eco Conscious Serving Style For The “Green” Bride

Going green isn’t just an issue for people that want to live sustainable; it is an issue that emphasizes any area of our lives. Therefore, the green brides should be satisfied with the best of the sustainable services on their wedding day. First and most important is to seek environmental friendly serving services, but in […]

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What To Look For When Planning For Wedding Catering?

When you are planning a wedding there are quite a few things to take into consideration. First you need to look at your budget. If your budget is small then of course your wedding and all things related (including the reception) will be small. It may even be that there is not enough money for […]

Get Wed With Style With These 7 Unique Wedding Ideas

Get Wed With Style With These 7 Unique Wedding Ideas

Making a wedding more personal and unique makes the entire event more special. Through simple, personal touches throughout the wedding, you can make a unique wedding that will be unforgettable for you and your guests. Traditional, old-style wedding ceremonies have lost their spark as more couples opt for something different to celebrate their union. Here […]

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Tips To Stay Away From A Stressful Wedding Day

The long expected wedding day turns out many times to be a very stressful event and the prey of this stress is nobody else’s but the bride’s. The large quantity of advice she receives, the large number of opinions she come against and of course the pressure of an imminent change in her destiny can […]

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Thin And Fit – How To Get Your Ideal Bride Weight

So you are getting married. Congratulations! Have you set a date yet? Things will need to move quickly then. You need to find a place, pick out rings, find a caterer and a band, get and send out invitations, pick the dress and a thousand other little details. Speaking of picking up a dress, let’s […]

Make Planning A Wedding A Breeze With This Guide

Make Planning A Wedding A Breeze With This Guide

Planning a wedding is a stressful process and a never ending search for new ideas and themes. There are so many things that need to be planned like the venue and reception as well as sending out invitations. Together with the pre-wedding jitters, couples had to deal with planning a wedding. For you to be […]

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The Art Of Making Fabric Wedding Bouquets

The typical wedding bouquets are beautiful, official and surely part of the custom. All the brides to be love flower bouquets, but recently there is a special tendency, when it comes to creating a more unconventional wedding bouquet. The fabric wedding bouquets are absolute hit nowadays. They are eccentric and different, moreover they last forever. […]

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“Once Upon A Time” Wedding Style

All brides dreamed at least once in a life time about a wedding dropped from the décor of their favorite fairy tales. As the girls grow up and traditions kick in, the dream fairy tale wedding becomes a distant memory but every once in a while a bride dares to see her girly dream come […]

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Simple Tips For A Beach Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Now, you’ve set the date, time and place. What better place than the beach? Now you just need to decide on the clothes. For a beach wedding you will want a light and flowing dress. Anything to heavy and flouncy will weigh you down and make you way too hot […]