40 Pre To Post Wedding Photos: Perfect Moments Captured

Here are 40 wedding photos that could remind you how wonderful you felt on that magical day.

10 Stunning Wedding Centerpiece Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Create your own unique centerpieces with these wedding centerpiece ideas to impress your garden wedding guests.

10 Wedding Cakes Inspired by the Catwalk Fashion

The masterpiece of a weeding cake interpreted in fashion.

The 10 Best Wedding Locations In And Out Of The USA to Hold Your Big Day : Say Your “I Do’s” In Style

Here are a few things that you should consider when choosing a venue for your wedding ceremony.

25 Unique and Unusual Wedding Cake Toppers

Modern, minimalistic couples have a variety of eclectic choices for their wedding cakes. A contemporary lovebird’s cake topper gives updated meaning to an age-old romantic image.

Creative Ideas And Tips To Plan A Magical Winter Wedding!

Getting married in winter is terribly glamorous, magical and cinematic. With the right elements, ideas and tips, your winter wedding will become fantastic.

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    Know about Dollar Dance

    Dollar dance, commonly known as Money dance or the apron dance is basically a type of an event done at the wedding receptions. The terms dollar dance is highly controversial because it is nothing but a way to ask for the cash gift from the public at your wedding. This custom was initiated in Poland […]

  • must have winter wedding accessories

    Must have Winter Wedding Accessories

    As far as the bridal fashion is concerned, you should be very conscious about your fashion sense when the colder months approach. There are some very fashionable accessories and adornments that help you in elevating your winter wedding outfits. It is said that adding elegant and sophisticated accessories to your dress can take your wedding […]

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    Why Online Invitation is in Popularity?

    The date of the occasion has been set and you possibly have also fixed the menu for the event and booked the caterers. However, the most important thing is yet left to be done and that is sending out invitations to all your guests. There are two options that you can consider – traditional paper […]

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    Ideas for Celebrating 10th Wedding Anniversary

    The tenth wedding anniversary is always special as it marks a decade of being together and it surely deserves a special celebration. Many couples prefer to have a private celebration and many prefer to celebrate it with a bang through an anniversary party. Whatever way the couples prefer, the day has to be memorable for […]

  • bridal shower ideas for second marriage

    Bridal Shower Ideas for Second Marriage

    A second marriage is not at all an unusual thing in the modern world and thus it is also not necessary that one cannot have all those usual traditional parties of the bridal shower. Moreover the things depend on the mental state of the bride and the bridesmaid. If you see the other side of […]

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    What to Gift to a Tech Savvy Couple on their Wedding

    Today’s world is going gaga over technology and it is no exception with the couples getting married. The modern couples are generally tech savvy and is sure to prefer gadgets that are smart and handy over regular gift items, on their wedding day. Wedding gifts are meant to help the couples to start their new […]

  • tips to save money on wedding drinks and food

    6 Effective Tips to Save Money on Wedding Drinks and Food

    Arranging a wedding is indeed a very big affair and everything from inviting the guests to greeting them at the final day is done with utmost care and planning. From sending invitation cards to hiring event planners to booking food caterers, everything should be done in a budgeted manner. Given below are some of the […]

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    Different Elements of a Chinese Wedding Invitation

    Chinese wedding invitations are known for its elegance and simplicity. The invitation cards that are sent to different invitees are always unique and classy. Chinese people are way too particular when it comes to printing an invitation card and sending it to their guests. There are some elements that you will find in each and […]

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